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Well I got it all back together last night. Works well. It was easier to put the blower back in than it was to take it out and I managed to get the blind clips on the back of the plastic housing pretty easily too.

Dado, I brought the camera out but then I got into the job and forgot to take pics lol. I can still take a pic of the old broken mechanism if you want.

A word of advice mine broke because the axle for the passenger wiper seized up so it would be good practice to add lubing the mechanism to your annual maintenance schedule. Just take the cover off on the firewall, remove the driver side wiper arm, pop the plastic grill out and you'll have access to all the pivot points. While you're in there spray some penetrating lube on the shaft of the blower motor since it only has bushings and not bearings. It takes 10 min to do and can save you from spending 4 hours swearing at the guy who designed the flap mechanism for the recirculating air
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