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Originally Posted by Dado 540 View Post
What do you want pics of? Pics of how to do it?

I got the new wiper assembly in. What a bitch the hvac stuff is. Overall it's not too bad of a job except for the fact that it's literally impossible to remove the links from those air recirculation flaps I just broke them off in frustration after trying to get one off for half an hour (I don't really need them because my a/c doesn't work). The other shitty thing was that when I went to fit the assembly the mount for the driver's side wiper looked crooked. I came to the conclusion that the sheet metal bent when the linkage snapped (after inspecting the old linkage the pivot on the passenger side wiper seized up). So I ghetto rigged up a slide hammer to pull the sheet metal somewhat to where it should be.

I still haven't put the blower motor back in so I can take pics of stuff if you want.
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