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Originally Posted by T.Dot_E30 View Post
an m50/2 will gain some value but it more depends on the car and the condition, a beat car with an m50/2 is still not worth much.

Put in an s50 or s52 if you want to keep the value of the e30 up.
Good to know... I've been turning this idea over and over in my head. I've got a very clean shell, and a good rebuilt M20, but it's out of tune and I'm getting pissed off trying to get the megasquirt running properly. I'm at the point where I'd rather just pull it all out, drop an M50 in it, and sell the rebuilt M20 and the megasquirt to cover a little bit of the cost.

If it holds/raises the value, then it's win/win for me, because I'll also get a power boost.
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