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Windshield wipers broke.... great

Driving home in the rain yesterday I hear a *bang from the front somewhere*, I look in my rear view expecting to see parts dancing on the road behind me. When I look back at the road ahead of me my driver side wiper is over top of the passenger side wiper lol.

Get the car home and take a look at it. The splines on the passenger side wiper arm were worn out so I thought ok that's an easy fix I'll just drive with one wiper for now. Go to test the wipers and I see the mounting points flexing... ugh-oh. I pulled the grill off on the cowl and see that one of the arms snapped. The design is a steel tube that has a cast aluminum piece riveted into the end. The aluminum piece broke obviously.

So I took off the cover on the firewall to pull the wiper assembly out. I took one look at it and said... not tonight lol.

So that brings me to today. I'm planning on taking it out tongight (or at least trying to lol). Anyone who's done it before have any tips/tricks/suggestions?
I know I'll have to pull the blower motor and that it's easier to remove the wiper motor and linkage separately than as a whole unit. One thing I can say is that the guys who had to install these units on the assembly line definiety did it before the engine was in the car because it would be much easier if I could crouch in the middle rather than leaning over upside down with my head smashing into the throttle linkage.

This should be fun....
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