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Got "hosed" today!

Saw some white smoke in the rear view mirror as I drove to work. Stopped the car and popped the hood. The familiar smell of coolant was unmistakable. Ended up heading back home to check it out even further.

Turns out that the one of the cooling hoses at the rear of the engine was leaking.

Ordered the hose from the dealer as they do not have it in stock. Hopefully, I can install it by tom.

Can anyone confirm or verify the correct hose connections? I drive a '98 e39 540. Here's the link for realoem...

The way the hoses are currently connected do not match the diagram. Hose #8 is swapped with hose #7 at the manifold.

Not sure if it even matters. It's been this way since I bought the car a few years ago.

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