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My E30 318i VS 1993 Toyota Celica GT-R

I still can't believe this.. i thought that a 2 litre celica (auto) would absolutely own my poor slow 318 (auto) BUT .. not the case

My friends toyota starlet blew the head gasket. So, he borrows his grandad's celica. He drove us to lunch that day in the celica and i was like.. damn this feels pretty slow. So we organise a race (outside my uni is perfect for it). I'm sitting at the lights, one foot jammed on the brake and the other hard on the accelerator.. its managing about 3500 rpm and sounding really nasty .. the light goes green and off we go.. celica falls behind slightly because of the bad start but manages to keep up all through first gear.. i get into second gear at around 55 kph and just start putting car lengths on him.. it was so funny.. at about 120 kph he was a good 100 m behind me lol

and to clarify this was NOT a turbo celica
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