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m20 build up questions

Alright, so plan is 2.7 bottom end, 2.5 top end, de burred rockers, 272/272 cam, stock springs, titanium retainers, stock valves.

goals>> umm not entirely sure, maybe boosting but at the moment probably not as it will be a track day car so i just want a little bit more pep than usual, the motor is probably going to be replacing an m40 in a 318is. Reason im picking m20 because of m50 or s50 is just because the conversion is 10 times easyer! and cheaper

Now, few questions...
1.The diesel crank is forged and i hear i can use that one? anyone done that before?
2. which internals would be best, 2.5 or 2.7
3. i should probably get about 6500RPM out of the deal rite? i know the rockers are only good to about that.
4. any sugestions?

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