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Here's a reminder to all about the Last Autocross of the year! We're running a double header, yeah, that's right back to back Autocrossess! HOWEVER YOU BUY THE FIRST ONE, THE SECOND ONES FREE! If you sleep in and still want to participate, then just pay for the second event and you're in. We're stopping for a quick lunch break after the first autocross to reset the course and cater lunch to all participants! Pizza, Wings, Pop, Water, etc! We're renting a propane heater to help keep warm as it's looking like around 9 degrees right now with the long range forecast. We'll also have a tent up to shelter from the elements. First event registration is 8 am, track walk at 8:45am, and first car off at 9 am sharp! We figure lunch should be around 1 pm, and we'd like the first car off for the afternoon course at 1:45 with the track walk around 1:30! As a reminder $15 is the event charge + membership, if you're a non member, pay for next year and get the rest of this year for free, that's $57.75 GST included! Allows you into our X-mas party this year and next which is a $40 value each in itself!!!


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