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Originally Posted by Dr. Flyview View Post


I am NOT personally selling this car. I was looking at it but my parents "don't want junk in the driveway."

I went to see it, it has been sitting since spring, running the old gas, oil, dead battery (although it was new then he didn't disconnect it now it's dead). We boosted it, it ran for 15-20min while we were pumping a tire and then somehow it died and wouldn't start again. Old/ran out of oil??

Anyway he wanted 500, now he just wants to get rid of it for 300, also comes with a new set of winter tires...
Went with Flav, this car is worth it, I don't think anything serious happened to it, i think the seller turned it off by accident. Anyways, other then needing a tune up , it was fine. ( valves need to be adjusted though). it wouldn t turn over again, but i think it was the dead battery as my Ti part car did the same thing. It tried to start but seemed like it didn t have enough juice to spin the motor fast enough to start
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