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Originally Posted by ///Maluco View Post
Thanks guys.
Here's some more info I found out.
The car was stored inside a garage since it was purchased. It hasn't moved since the early '80's from the same garage, but he did mention that he sees some rust on the body.
The interior he says is mint. The dash, seats, wood trim...all mint. The horsehair is the only interior issue he can see so the seats will need to get re-stuffed.
Hasn't moved in 20+ years....everything will need to be looked at. Brakes, fuel delivery, cooling, motor probably seized, blah blah blah. Possibility mice have made it their home, this is really a bad thing. No matter where it was stored it will have rust. Don't kid yourself, the only guy with a rust free '02 in Ontario is the guy trying to sell it to you. (great quote, not mine). Good luck with it, I hope it's in good shape. If you want an extra set of eyes to look at it for judgement call, PM me and I'll help you out.
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