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2002 Restoration help

A friend has decided that he wants to get a '76 2002 restored.

I did explain the potential cost of simply dropping the car off to someone and picking it up all new, but he doesn't seem to mind to some extent I suppose.
And yes, I did also explain that he could pick one up a 2002 already restored for a reasonable amount of money. The only issue is that the '02 was purchased new from her parents and her Dad passed on, so they would like to keep the car and restore it due to its sentimental value....preferably by their wedding (July 2010).
I haven't seen the car so I can't comment on how much rust may be on the body, but it hasn't moved since the early '80's. That's a good indication that it will need a fair amount of new parts just to get it running properly let alone any rust from sitting in the garage all those years. I know of a technician that can take care of all the mechanicals/tuning but he still needs someone to handle the at least body end of the project.

Anyone recommend a shop/person willing to take on a project like this with the right knowledge as well?

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