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I have a spare set of m3 lower control arm bushings for sale, they are much stronger than the non-m e36 bushings and improve front end stiffness a bit as well last a hell of a lot longer. Also your whole control arm may not need to be changed, if its a non-m control arm you may have the option of changing the ball joints, depending on which ones are giving out. I also have a set of lower control arms non-m that i can sell to you for dirt cheap, you'd just have to replace the ball joints attaching to the spindle as i hacked up the thread and grease boot when i was taking them off my car. The ball joint in the middle that hooks up to the subframe is fine on both. It might also be worth to mention that the control arm bushings are already pressed into these control arms and ready to go. Save a bit of labour plus a nice upgrade on the bushings, and save some big bucks. PM me if you are interested!
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