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Thumbs up Installing Hamann Side Skirts

A few pointers please. Purchased polyurethanne Hamann side skirts. They seem to use the same mounting holes as the stock side skirts..... the questions are:

1. Do I remove the existing ones before installing the Hamanns? It would appear that I have to in order for them to fit...... I was told you install them over the existing skirts.

2. When removing the stock skirts, it appears I remove the retainer clips from along the under-sire of the skirt... not an issue. How is the skirt secured @ the top? Does it have a lip the secures (slides) into a channel? If so, do I remove by sliding forward or rear, or just "give it a tug"?

3. The Hamanns have a "lip" running the length of the skirts, located on the inside of the lip a few mm below the top of the skirt. They must secure to some type of channel (possibly the same channel the stock skirts attach to??). When installing, how do I secure the top lip??? Does it slide into a channel or do I "pop" it back into place?

Thanks in advance for the advise/suggestions.....

Gonna look sweet with the Hamann Lip Spolier I've picked-up as well... Spoiler getting prepped, painted and stored this winter.... going on in the spring.... not sure about when the skirts are going on..... maybe this fall; maybe not....
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