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I think the over critical price picking needs to stop, if everyone with an e30 or e36 held out for 2 grand more then all the max guy's say the cars are worth then they would sell for the price. post it for 10, if your not in a rush the right buyer will come along. your always gonna get the flea market low baller trying to get a deal.....but somepeople will pay and look for a higher dollar car, and will pay if the cars in good shape.

people start looking for a car and see people saying what they think its worth with out even looking at the car, and kill the market. This e36 is in really good shape and I have seen the paint thread, the owner is maticulas with his cars.....and it cannot be compaired in price to the roted out uncared for cars on the market.

OP - Link the paint thread so people can see how well the car has been taken care of.

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