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I just phoned them up to get a quote just to get some feedback. I was trying to do some math about getting a new car. The money wise and time wasted combined that would lead me to make the perfect choice. Thanks for the info anyways.

Originally Posted by duhprez View Post
You got ripped off buddy and I'm glad I don't rent from where you're going.

Visit, and they have a location at

Dixie & Matheson
1616 Matheson Blvd. E.
Mississauga, ON

(which is the closest one to Bimmersport), they have four vehicle selections between $20.00 to $25.00 per day.

I just did a search online on their website for a one day rental (Internet Rates):

Hyundai Accent (or similar) approx. $19.99 per day
Toyota Yaris (or similar) approx. $21.50 per day
Ford Focus (or similar) approx. $21.99 per day
Pontiac G6 (or similar) approx. $24.47 per day

If you take the Accent, with taxes and other minor fees, you're out about $25.00 for the day. I rent with a credit card that covers the insurance so opt out of that option from the car rental company. And with Discount, they include 3000km per rental agreement.

You don't need alot of luck to find rates. You just need to know where to look. And if you're referred by Bimmersport to the car rental companies that they partner with - Yes, they can arrange a special customer rate as well. The last time Bimmersport helped me out with that was with Enterprise and they have a location on Dixie, just south of the 401.

The car rental company was even nice enough to pick me up and drop me off at Bimmersport once my car was ready.
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