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its all so objective to our personal tasted with the cars, that being said i personally feel that ever since they came out with the e46 they started making the car to "big" and they haven't stopped making them bigger abd bigger, the current 3 series is a 5 series from 15 years ago. (hence the 1 series, which is the reincarnation of the E30) When it comes right down to the point, every car means something to someone, and I will never disrecpect anyone for not having the newest or most expensive BMW, I enjoy the history and stories of the cars, and seeing the passion in people about them. Just cause you got 300plus HP and an $80000 BMW doesn't get you respect, you can talk to people for a few minutes at a meet and get a sence of which side of the coin they are on .

Nice to see someone having a objective nice conversation on here.....

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