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Originally Posted by edp82 View Post
well guys considering we are approaching the second week of october, and realistically only have one more month of decent driving weather... im considering making this a winter project... whats the concenses on that? in other words we'll just push this back a month.. i still need to gather deposits in the meantime...

otherwise i'll have to have my car out of commission for a week as i wont have a hood to drive with... unless anyone has a spare laying around
I am good w/ that. I won't be able to install till Spring anyway (i.e., no time to get out to Toronto) and don't really want to make another trip out there in the E36 since it is getting close to crappy weather time. :-)

Car is going into storage anyway at the beginning of November......I am sure manufacturer will hold on to item till Spring and then hopefully, you can help me install it on my car in the Spring and dump my old hood??
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