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OK guys so here is the story. Tomorrow it looks like it is going to rain until about 2pm. I was thinking that we could have our last meeting of the summer the best one. Why don't we have a Go-Kart day at the track on Airport road (County Rd. 42).
The prices are as follows:
10 minutes - $11
15 minutes - $17
20 minutes - $21
30 minutes - $32
There is a $2 discount if we have 6 or more people join. So I was thinking to meet at 6pm at the track. I will call them ahead to make sure that they are running. We can make the call at 4-5pm if we are going to meet or if the weather does not permit. Keep posted here for the call. You can visit their website for more info. DRESS WARM!!!


We can set a rain day if the weather doesn't cooperate. Maybe Sunday?

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