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User propr'one

Hi all,

Thought i would bring to attention the user propr'one. I don't know if he is a legit maXsponsor or just uses a title in his name.

I read several people's dealings with him on H.I.D orders and decided to try his site. .

I placed an order for a simple ballast on September 25, 2009 and from his site it said most items are shipped out day of payment...

I have yet to even hear back from numerous pm's to a clearly active forum member, or the apparent sponsor email.

No info received at all, i would not care for a delayed shipping time if i knew it was going to be shipped. item was in stock when i ordered. and since i ordered there hasn't been one word from this "sponsor", a simple "shipped" or "will be shipped soon" would of done fine but now paypal is handling the issue for me.

Guess this is a heads up to any other members, i highly suggest other H.I.D sites or even eBay over this company...

Flame me all you want, personally i don't give a **** which members side with him. Tell me you wouldn't do the same when an apparent sponsor doesn't respond to anything.

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