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okay manufacturer has requested deposits be sent to me directly.... not sure why he would prefer this i think it has to do with keeping his shop low key or something... none the less deposits of $250 are to be sent directly to me... I'll be giving him my hood for the mold once we have all deposits in hand. At that point the mold process could take up to 1 week to complete.

Allow another week for the hoods to be prepared.

Unfortunately it is required that i have your hood latches in hand at the time your hood will be finished.... The bmw hood symbol would also be helpful if you want him to put it on.

The only downside of this entire ordeal i just heard was the issue surrounding the hood shocks... unfortunately he can not install them onto each hood because of the risk of it not fitting properly if it is out a few inches.... However i've been told he will prepare some creative approach to deal with this so when you get your hood you can transfer the parts over conveniently... maybe spot weld or some prefabbed drill holes for bolts... i'll see what happens here.. he needs to check the setup again to figure it out.

just to clarify

hoods will be oem style and finish with oem style vents..
oem nozzle spray locations will be exact
oem bmw emblem will be accepted

feel free to ask questions publicly here or pm
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