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Originally Posted by 330Hi View Post
A friend of mine said he did some research and told me otherwise. Apparently they check for that !?
What kind of research is that? Ok assuming ASSUMING they bend down over to check your rims/tires and they say "You bought this in the States". How can they prove that even if the tires are specifically for the US market? You can simply say: No sir/madam, I bought this slightly used from Toronto last week. The onus is on customs to prove you're lying.

But, you may get caught IF:
They do a search on you and your vehicle and you didnt discard (mail ) the receipts or warrantee.

Another way is if they review the video of you crossing the border showing you've had diff rims/tires. Will customs make an extra effort to review videos for smuggled rims/tires? That would be nuts.
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