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Originally Posted by DINAN 3 View Post
No.....S62 least 2-3 in the last few months alone...looking for a replacement motor.
All of them talking about high revs (7200-7500 rpm).
One of them, even with conservative Dinan software !
Not sure why these people wanna rev that high anyway, as I understand that that's not where the power is.
Another factor could be, that with prices coming down sharply on E39 M5's, you are starting to get less sophisticated owners, not knowing how to treat these cars right.
I don't expect someone to rev to the limit on a regular basis, I set it there so that the motor is never actually hitting the rev limit. I'll search again, but if any of the cars I have programmed had any problems, I would have heard about it.
The torque drops off when the motor does not breathe as well, and that happens at higher rpms but also the timing is cut back up there quite drastically. By maintaining the ignition timing up to a slightly higher limit, you get more power where there was none before. That is how some others advertise a 43 hp gain on the M30 motor... It's in a region that the stock motor was already shutting down. Just taking it up there on occasion and not cruising there should not be a big risk.. It's mainly just for those times when you have another car trying to pass you and you can stay in the current gear a bit longer. If you have a link to that info on the M5 board, please post it.
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