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E36 Bosch European Ellipsoids FS

Up for sale is a pair of bosch E36 Headlamps that I bought roughly a year ago from Germany. The set comes with 2 headlamps and two side markers. The driver side blinker has been held on for a year with an alligator clip because the plastic tab is broken that locks it in. If you're handy it can be fixed quite easily I'm sure. The driver side one will also need to have the glass lense replaced as the glass is cracked down the far side.

I'm paid $350 including shipping a year ago and they've worked great for me. They also come with H1 Bulbs that all work fine. These are the style that can be upgraded to Xenons if you buy a kit for them.

Because they buyer will have to replace the glass lense (that I've seen for sale for $30 on ebay for OEM ones) and a tab is broken that will need some work I am asking $240 firm for the pair. These are OEM and should serve the buyer well. If I was buying them I would grab a new pair of lenses to make them look brand new again.

PM if interested.

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