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Originally Posted by pawcio View Post
what time did you come out? we were there from 8 until about 10:30 before the cops showed up so we went for the first mississauga meet cruise. then we came back around 11 I think, but there was no one there so we went home. next week is 403/dundas so i guess i'll see you there.

but try to come out early though cause i don't know about you guys but i get up early to go to work so I don't stay 'til 1AM like the saturday meets.
Got there around 9. Didn't see any other bimmers other than OZ in the area you said to park. I hope the 403/dundas meet is a better turnout...
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Do we really need an Ipad???
Originally Posted by BigD View Post
Only if you have an iVag.
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