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Originally Posted by Oz_Racing View Post
where was everyone?? i know i got there a little late but *shortshifter* was there and when i got there we saw eurostyles come in to meet up with 2 other guys for a few min but they left didn't see anyone else in the signed meeting area, we had 3 240sx's with you 2 red and 1 dark blue, but no other bmw's showed

i guess we'll see how 403 dundas turns out

and cops came to terry fox which was balls so we went down by tiger direct to play some football which wasn't bad maybe next time we meet at terry fox we should meet in the open area by guess and such where cops don't bother us
what time did you come out? we were there from 8 until about 10:30 before the cops showed up so we went for the first mississauga meet cruise. then we came back around 11 I think, but there was no one there so we went home. next week is 403/dundas so i guess i'll see you there.

but try to come out early though cause i don't know about you guys but i get up early to go to work so I don't stay 'til 1AM like the saturday meets.

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