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Originally Posted by maroli View Post
wow, I can't believe I felt guilty about buying a used Z at 24. And I can't believe that I got shit from ppl on here for doing so. Hey, only you know how much you have saved and your yearly income but my advice is to finance a car that is less than half your yearly income. Currently what I paid for the Z is inbetween a third and half of my yearly income.
I see what you're saying! but I'm probably never going to finance or lease a car. I'm always going to pay for it, same thing goes for a couch, tv, etc..

Like a guy i know, he has a huge t.v brand new couch, new computer, and tons of other things. First time i went to his house i was pretty empressed! but i later found out that he pays monthly for all those items. So basically nothing is his yet. I could never live with myself if i went that path!

But seriously, now, I'm leaning hard towards a porsche 4s, 02-04. I love the QP, but i need a sports car. The prices on P cars are amazing now a days!
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