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Originally Posted by JulesVernon View Post
^ this has to be some of the most retarded nonsense I've ever read on a forum!!

that car had TONS of work put into it most of which the owner did himself. That alone deserves respect IMO. The owner was hurt, came very close to dying in the incident and it obviously means a lot to him that the car burned out like that, so I'd say comments like that are not only stupid, but out of line.

It was far from F&F rice, a true track car, one of the very few N/A setup m54's out there.

I really thought this was a forum for BMW enthusiasts, not sissies saying the car's too new to be gutted/tracked


anyways it's a real shame that car burnt down like that...
also a shame I had to make this my first post on this forum. I felt I had to after reading some of this shit.


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