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e36 m42 throttle help

well i have my e36 driveable new tierods ect. car WAS running great i have a few BIG problems tho. today i de baffled the airbox. topped up the oil will be changed soon. checked all the fluids and wow they are nasty. my hood cord and mechanisims need to be they stick. cable is exposed and has friction. now my throttle cable going from the smaller throttle on the top to the device bolted with the airbox it is sticking open. causing idle to stay around 2500. the cable is chaffed and looks rusty but could it be the device its connected to.... the main line going to my ac pump is leaking. i was driving the car and it went from fine to idling eratically.

i need a hood cable throttle cable and intake boot as mine is in rough shape.

now does the can of ac stop leak actually work?

and when you guys debaffle your airbox how do you route the cold air to the box
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