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Originally Posted by TNation View Post
Again, did you read any of the links I posted, you joke?
It's a huge issue. In fact, Porsche had lawsuits filed against them, because they didn't do a huge recall on the 996 until too late!
see the link above. There isn't a 'simple fix' for these engines, most of these are serious issues basically because of design flaws.
again, read page 2 of here thoroughly.

"Cylinder liners can also crack, and this is something
that Autofarm has investigated in detail. The 996 engine
is quite different to those in earlier 911s, in that the
cylinder liners are cast into the two halves of the engine
block. They are made of a very hard, carbon-heavy
material called Lokasil, and are positioned in the cast and
then surrounded by molten aluminium. When the casting
cools, the liners become an integral part of the block.
Unfortunately, cracks can appear in the lining and its
surrounding aluminium. “It appears to be an issue with
the block’s torsional rigidity,” claims Nick. “All engines
twist to some extent,” he explains. “And the harder you
work them, the more they tend to distort. It’s like the wing
of an aeroplane – it visibly moves up and down as the
aircraft passes through turbulence, but if it didn’t flex it
would simply snap.”
Nine times out of ten, it’s one of the centre cylinders – two or five – and it’s always the lower edge that fails; two parallel cracks appear about 30mm across. In the worst scenario, a ‘D’ shaped chunk of liner breaks off
between these crack" etc etc

Honestly douchebag, if someone is looking at a 996 911, who would someone believe, Mr. Wannabe BMW baller who thinks he knows it all, or a Porsche specialist and mechanic and thousands of recalled engines and people who have had issues with their 996's 3.4L engine? This is again why I question your intelligence, I'm sorry I don't understand why you are still posting.

I really couldn't care what you drive, except that they are pretty shitty, because you own them, and you're worthless. You don't know what I drive, or what I do, haha so keep on with your 20 year old lot jockey lawl's LOLOL. Oh btw, I won that bet on the US-Canadian dollar dipshit, in February I made the bet when it was 80 cents and it was a high of 96 or 97 cents in August, which like I said, would make it close to par. Where's my Civic? I'll import your Lambo anytime, you know, the one you wish you could afford.

There you go again twisting everything you hear and read. The bet was if the CAD would be worth equal... $1 USD = $1 CAD. Not close to it... Close but you still lost, and no cigar for you, in this case no 1989 Civic/car for you! Keep enjoying public transit, and mommy/daddy picking you up, and dropping you off.

You don't know where to begin or have any knowledge or money to import any car let alone a real Lamborghini... When I've already bought and sold three local CDN Lambo's with my investor at $250K a pop, since MAY 2009. When you haven't even been able to drule on one in person, let alone drive one. So keep talking shit about my bankroll while laugh all the way to the bank; and I enjoy my huge profits, and my vacation home on the beach in Florida, instead letting you brag about what cars I own, or have had in my possession. Frankly I could careless about what a broke 20 y/o student like yourself has to say about anything to do with me. I'll always have the last laugh at you!

Why are you still talking? You're stupid to believe Porsche hasn't recalled every single problematic 996 and made the proper revisions! Just 2 months ago I bought a 2000 911 C2 with 265,000km's, all original, and still running strong/problem free and sold it to a good customer of ours, and he's still raving about how good it runs and how happy he is! SO STFU with your internet research, because talking about a problem you read about on the internet, and actually owning the car and may/may not ever really experiencing the problem are two totally different things! And you're a Tool to think otherwise.

Spew crap out of your big punk mouth all you'd like, I'm not the idiot who professes to know more than anyone about Porsches/ and any car for that matter, yet 1. you have never nor probably ever will own any Porsche, 2. You're on a BMW forum and don't own a BMW or Porsche, NOR ANY Car for that matter, So how do you think anyone will ever believe the crap you spew out of your mouth from unsubstantiated information you picked up from a google search. It was truly a sad day you when someone taught you how to use Google let alone the Internet; Curse the day when your mother decided to let you off your leash and pay for your internet access!

Better be careful, the Net Police are trailing on your ass (just the way you like it)

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