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Originally Posted by craz azn View Post
I've been away from maX for over two months, and still no results are posted. I've had the opportunity to sit in at the past few BMW club board meetings during the summer and quite frankly Tom needs to get off his ass and hand the friggin' results back to the club if he cannot man up and post them himself. If he has a problem with the club, he should voice his opinion so we can get this resolved, as there are a lot more angry people that haven't gotten results from past events yet, not to mention how unprofessional this makes the club look as an overall.
This was a hot topic at the last autocross, and John is working on trying and getting the results from Tom ASAP. There are alot of unhappy people over this subject, and the club is not happy with it. The club does have the most current event times, I will see if we can get them posted.
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