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Originally Posted by mirek View Post
Reminds me of what happened to me, I was driving my prelude and ran over a black garbage bag, it got stuck under my car and burned up, smelled like nasty burnt plastic.

A few months after that I was driving the same car and saw a black plastic bag in the road, figured i didn't want to deal with the smell so I would drive over it with my tire. When I got close enough, I realized it was a cat, didn't have enough time to react, I flattened it. It was definately alive before I hit it, it totally looked at me. I'm guessing it was sick and tried to commit suicide, smart cat.
when it comes to cats and hurting them you should always go and donate anything for a charity or any foundation only if its unintentional. . Some cultures say that the cat wishes bad thats for those who hurt it. I hit one not too long ago, thank go didnt kill it, saw run off after. Head streight to Timz and donate $5.
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