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Originally Posted by TNation View Post
Oh boy... Mark the wannabe baller, the biggest clown in Toronto, puts in his two cents. From this little spiel you posted, we can all see your lack of intellect. The 996 Carrera isn't reliable. The engine has some serious design flaws.
RE:You're the joke here... clearly! I'd love to see you post this on the Porsche forums and watch them tear you apart.

anyways, point made, proven, done deal. Hearsay? Interweb reading? you're a joke. I've driven this car extensively and I've tracked a 996 GT3. I'm a Porsche fan, and while I love this car, early 996's had engine problems. I know someone who recently had a 996 C4S and now owns a 997TT, and he replaced his engine with only 44k miles. Mark, how's your 3 series treating you? hahahaha
RE: Video games don't count kid! This is real life now. Don't get it confused.

what year of 6 series you looking at? I can hook you up with one from the US, pretty cheap.
Hey Tyler, Mississauga's own biggest Douchebag of them all!

This coming from a 20 Y/O broke student whom is a car jockey for Dixie Automall who clearly does not OWN ANY CAR AT THIS POINT IN TIME, nor has yet to own or even drive a real Porsche (Your BS stories don't count)... Whom insists every 1999-2001 Porsche 911 has had/ or will have engine failure due to a serious design flaw he read about on the internet forums, from maybe 5 or 6 people who took the time to complain about it. You're really a tool to believe that Porsche never took care of this problem with a service bulletin/recall to remedy this issue. Even early E46 BMW M3's had engine isssues, and BMW put through a huge recall, and most of those early cars are still running strong with no issues. Anything can be fixed once the problem is made known whether its replacement of parts or simple fixes especially if the Manufacturer steps in.

Posting links from forums of a few actual owners doesn't count as being informed kid. You should learn that. Don't feel so special some fool actually let an inexperienced 20 y/o punk like yourself drive a 996 GT3. You probably meant you drove one on the track in a VIDEO GAME! ahh I see. Video games don't count Tyler... Its nothing special, and neither are you... And you're not that lucky. Like I said, I don't believe your bullshit stories, nor does anyone else here.

And which 3 series BMW are you referring to? I own 3 of them currently (E46's and E90), + an M3 vert, and a 650i vert.

You must be jealous of my shitboxes since you still DO NOT OWN any car, and you lost the US/CDN dollar bet, and I gave away your 1990 Civic hatchback I was saving just for you to a person who CAN drive. Video games don't count kid as I keep telling you.

Haha, what can you get? you mean you can get jack shit! You're a car jockey/summer lot boy/lacky for Dixie automall
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