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from the same guy you were talking with from Kijiji...... LOL Paid $700 for the set. They were quite dirty (sat in his basement for 2 yrs) and the wiring needed to be "cleaned up".... Some frayed wires and need to be re-bundled..... They look and work great! Project for this weekend is to remove and retro-fit the lumbar support that is installed in my original seats into the new sport seats. All trim pieces are inter-changable between seats, so I'll do this with no visible changs to either seat........ Could not retro-fit rear seats as the ones I grabbed are off a coupe and mine is a sedan.... Keep looking. I found lots of seats @ $1,500 for the pair (look on eBay), but wasn't prepared to pay that amount. Check out the sponsors for seats. B4 finding these, I had emailed a couple of the sponsors in regards to e46 sport seats and they indicated that they were going to begin parting out e46s next month..... Send emails to all the sponsors and wait........ keeping dong global searches through google..... you'll find them...... Good hunting!! the funny thing is that I now have the ability to tilt seats forward (not sure of what use this will be) as the seats came out of a coupe and therefore are equipped with rear entry tilt........
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