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Originally Posted by rendered View Post
Everything that comes out of your mouth is 100% bullshit, why do you even trying advising anyone when you know yourself, you're full of shit?! lol

You have never driven nor owned any of these cars! So wtf are you saying? Going by hearsay from what you read on your interweb again won't make you sound any more intelligent when you clearly have no experience with any car other than your Honda, and Ford pickup truck.

You're so dumb its not even funny anymore! I almost feel bad pointing it out!.... actually no I don't feel bad.
Oh boy... Mark the wannabe baller, the biggest clown in Toronto, puts in his two cents. From this little spiel you posted, we can all see your lack of intellect. The 996 Carrera isn't reliable. The engine has some serious design flaws.
Don't just believe me, believe engineers and Porsche specialists.
"First, it’s important to point out that it is the early 3.4-
litre engines, made from 1998 to 2000, that are most
susceptible to major failure. The later 3.6-litre engine is
pretty much problem-free. Also, Porsche made many
changes to the 3.4-litre unit over its production life, so the
last of these smaller-capacity engines – made in 2001 –
tend to be more reliable.
All 996 engines have an intermediate shaft that runs
the length of the underside of the block and is chain-
driven from the crankshaft. This, in turn, drives the twin
camshafts on each bank of cylinders. At the end of this is
a sprocket which turns on a bearing. The sprocket is
retained by a small stud that can break, causing the
bearing to fail. At first, this manifests itself as a noisy
rattle, which turns into a death rattle as the cam chains
come off, leading to further internal damage. etc etc"
"despite some early generation engine problems"
"engine failure"

"another engine failure"

and finally

anyways, point made, proven, done deal. Hearsay? Interweb reading? you're a joke. I've driven this car extensively and I've tracked a 996 GT3. I'm a Porsche fan, and while I love this car, early 996's had engine problems. I know someone who recently had a 996 C4S and now owns a 997TT, and he replaced his engine with only 44k miles. Mark, how's your 3 series treating you? hahahaha

Originally Posted by topaz330ci View Post
I just find the jump to be to high from non-turbo 966's compared the to the turbo model just because of the turbo. With that kind of money i could get a 997, 6-series.... etc..

Times like these i wish the tuscan was canadian fit...
what year of 6 series you looking at? I can hook you up with one from the US, pretty cheap.

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