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Originally Posted by TNation View Post
the QP is an overrated car. Looks like shit and lets be honest, you're paying for the name/status and the engine. Unreliable too. Only good on warranty, even then, a headache.

OP, the C4S is a good car, but its unreliable. The 996 had plenty of engine issues, like I mean plenty of issues, especially the 99-02 years from RMS to IMS. Even 02-04 wasn't perfect, they fixed some things... but still, I'd get a 996 GT3 if you can afford it or a Turbo 996, because believe it or not, they are more reliable than a 996 Carrera 911. Get the GT1 derived motor ala GT3/TT. There is a reason there is a price disparity between them and the "regular" Carrera's.
great site, this page itself is awesome to browse and see the issues of the 996 Porsche's.
Everything that comes out of your mouth is 100% bullshit, why do you even trying advising anyone when you know yourself, you're full of shit?! lol

You have never driven nor owned any of these cars! So wtf are you saying? Going by hearsay from what you read on your interweb again won't make you sound any more intelligent when you clearly have no experience with any car other than your Honda, and Ford pickup truck.

You're so dumb its not even funny anymore! I almost feel bad pointing it out!.... actually no I don't feel bad.

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