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Originally Posted by NOTORIOUS VR View Post
Awesome DIY build!!!

I'm trying to get my buddy to put a tranny into his turbo E30 (he blew it up after almost 2 years of beating on it with 400whp).

Once you get everything sorted, turn up the boost a little ... 350-380whp isn't an issue on the stock motor with a good tune....

Just a question, you didn't mention it but it's a common thing to do when boosting an M20.. did you happen to get the coolant channels welded on the head? It's something I would highly recommend doing eventually if you haven't done so yet.

Still working on the tune. Street tuning is fairly difficult, although I'm going to try to get the fueling all sorted out on the street, then spend some time on a dyno to finalize the ignition.

I didn't weld the coolant channels on the head. I figure when I blow a HG next, that will be one of the things to take care of.
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