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Originally Posted by 2K6E60 View Post
Guys, a stock 335 will hold its own against a stock E46 M.

a 700 dollar tune from Mike @ N54 Tuning here in Toronto will get you another 30-50 Horses. Than Down pipes / Exhaust / Headers and Intercoolers. Your good for another 30-50 WHP. Thats 400ish right there, then Meth injection later on with turbo upgrades and your laughing at most things on the road.

hell even E9X M3's have a hard time with the 335's tuned..... This is really a no brainer... but then again i am biased towards the E92 body styling we're talking silly talk. And clearly you argument was a no brainer. Are you saying none of these mods can be done to an '03 M3?

What we're comparing here is two cars that are equally fast in stock form but whose price difference is $35,000. (The OP can go and buy two '03 M3's and have cash left over!) When you start mentioning mods, well then sir, you have to assume you can apply them to both cars. You can pile on a crazy mountain of mods to the M3 to make it bat shit insane fast and the 335i will be left crying in stock form wheezing from the dust it's inhaling in the M3's wake. The M3 owner will still have $1,000's left over for gas, maintenance, and repairs.

You're argument is teh suxors.
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