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Originally Posted by damameke View Post
OP has stated that he will spent to $65 K, and given the 3 335 is no brainer...

honestly with the horse power and unless you go to the track every weekend do you want to chance it on open road with the stunt driving law the way it is, therefore horse power is relative... .
He said he is willing to spend up to 65. He didn't say: What's the best car I can get for 65K. There is a difference. Just because you are willing to spend up to 65K, doesn't necessarily make it the right choice.

For example: If you have other expenses, like saving up for a condo, then it would make more sense to spend the 30K on the car, and put the rest in a down payment on a condo or some shit. I'm just using this as an example, sometimes it's not always the best choice to put all your eggs in one basket. Especially when that basket is going to devalue itself 10 grand once it drives off the lot. I'm not saying this guy is in this situation, but I'm just saying it's one of many possiblities. Maybe he has a shit load of money and doesn't know what to spend it on. In that case, maybe spending 65 grand on a car is the choice he wants to make. However, maybe it would be better to spend that extra 30 grand elsewhere than on a car.

Like I said before, it really depends on the situation. How much disposable income do you have? That will answer your question.

Without a doubt the 335 is the better car, but is it the better choice? M3 is a very good car for the price of a base model camry.

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