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Don't get the M unless you are absolutely 100% positive you want one. People who buy this car either have sooo much money they don't know what to do with it or they are those who dream about this car everyday and cannot justify not getting one regardless of whether they plan on tracking it or not. I doubt you fall into this category because you're not only debating implicitly but you've brought it into a forum to discuss it with other people. Of course this car will be expensive to maintain it's an M. Years from now it'll still twist necks and drop jaws. But is that what you really want? Does it justify the extra expense? Not surprised though that a BMW forum picked this one by a wide margin.

If you want a fugly over priced car that delivers on performance then the 1 series is for you. But damn it's heavy. I am surprised it got that many votes though.

That leaves the E92 coupe. Swap out the wheels with a better looking set and you've got a great package. Sure it's the most expensive but it's in your crosshairs so I doubt you mind paying up for it. Hope it's the 6 speed though.
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