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Originally Posted by Ceeker View Post
You can buy programming that will push your 335 into the 400bhp range easily for approx 2000 usd. M3 or 335i? that is a no brainer... 335i handles like its on rails and even stock will give the M car a run for it's money. M3 is 6 years old as stated and no warranty.M products are always $$$$ to maintain. However 335 has had some turbo issues recently from what my bmw tech buddies tell me. I get the low down all the time from the shop seeing I practically live there. 135 is cool because it's a compact with the same power but chinsy on the options seeing it's a bit smaller. for a few bucks more why not get a 3 series. More bang for your buck. it also has sexier lines.
Ya I heard this from my buddy that works at a dealer too, they have been getting a lot of cars with turbo related issues.
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