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Originally Posted by Stephanie View Post
LOL! that was cute.

I suppose that's why BMW...
(a) discontinued the rim on all 2009 models,
(b) is dealing with THOUSANDS of lawsuits regarding the integrity of these rims
(c) employees have told me that this is a recurring and never ending issue and that the rims are undoubtably crap
(a) didn't all 3 series rims get changed for '09?
(b) I don't doubt this. North America is a very litigious society (esp the US) where everyone sues everyone for anything and refuses to accept personal responsibility for anything (ie. hot McDonald's coffee spilled onto someone's lap burning them, or a guy pissed onto the subway tracks in NY, died of electricution because current ran up his piss stream and killed him. His widow successfully sued for negligence because there were no signs saying not to piss on the tracks)
(c) possible, but their opinions are speculation and hearsay.

I'm not saying you're wrong. Perhaps they are flawed in some way, but don't tell me that you won't even accept 0.01% responsibility because of your heavy foot
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