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Originally Posted by europrince View Post
There is nothing wrong with the material the Style 230s are made from. Every rim that has such a long distance between spokes is going to have the same issue. Not only are you on elastic bands, there are fewer spokes to absorb your hard driving, so the stress of your admittedly hard driving gets passed into the rim. If you're going to drive hard, never choose a 5 spoke for a large rim.
LOL! that was cute.

I suppose that's why BMW...
(a) discontinued the rim on all 2009 models,
(b) is dealing with THOUSANDS of lawsuits regarding the integrity of these rims
(c) employees have told me that this is a recurring and never ending issue and that the rims are undoubtably crap

and how about the 5-spoke airy M6 wheels? they don't have any issues...
and you can't tell me that ALL of these rims are cracking because owners drive their cars 'too hard'... that's ****ing ridiculous.
It's a 300+ hp machine... It's not MEANT to be driven like a mommy-mobile.

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