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Press Release: Meaner, Smoother, Faster

In an effort to keep you up to speed and let you watch the development of a company in "real-time" - we've come out with a few new "ground breaking" events:

1) The ECIS Intake has now been added to the product family. Now, there have been some discussions about which intake does what and why, that's not what I'm going to do. The dyno numbers already on are a testament to the quality of the product, the validity of the claims, and the veracity of the statements.

What is Umnitza doing to add to that?
a) We now have an install video for you - ---> CLICK 4 VIDEO
b) We have a sound clip for you - ---> CLICK 4 WAV File
c) We have a special offer for you - buy ANY intake and get a free StonGard headlight cover FREE. That's right. A $40 value, free - only for a limited number of participants. Only to the first 20 participants.
d) Same great service.

2) Starting at the end of this week, the price of Gen V upgrades will be raised to offset rising supplier costs. The new price will be $99 shipped for the kit that gives you:
a) Full on wiring harness
b) Pre-wired relay
c) Engineered illuminators (not just light boxes anymore Dorothy).
d) And LumenX

We also have the new light bulbs in stock.

3) We'll be appearing @ BimmerFest on the 11th-12th of April. We will be performing the FIRST live install of an E46 DDE at an event the size of BimmerFest. We're very excited about this opportunity. We will be on the Evosport stand as a technical presenter for Evosport - presentation begins @ 10:30 and promptly ends @ 11am.

We will be showing the installation of StonGard for the headlights - time permitting - as well.. This is a great time for you to come over and visit. We hope to meet as many of you there as we can.

I will be there as well as 2/3 others that help do many of the behind the scenes activities for and with Umnitza.

4) Finally, I wanted to recognize a couple of folks that have been doing incredible work of late:

John V. - has completed 4 installations of DDE this week - including his first E38 (shown above).

Ben C. - has completed over 4 installs himself this week, some of his work will be at shows near you. Additionally, Ben is a certified PaintGard installer in the SoCal area and is setting up an event for y'all in 3 weeks (2 actually April 26th) to get your NEW cars done). Contact me to get a hold of him

Additionally, installers in Atlanta and Dallas are "signed on" as well. So, there's NO excuse for you anymore

5) The latest on the E46 InV1si is that development continues to be steady but not fast regarding how to do the auto-dimming mirrors of the E46. The E36 of course, continues to work no problem.

6) We're running a group special on Gorilla wheel locks, they fit most all BMWs that have the E36 Bolt with thread pattern and depth. Many other sizes are available. Contact me for details.
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