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In alot of cases a high km motor that has been maintained is alot better then a low km motor that has sat. This is not always true, but going by the fact that the body is rotted, I wouldn't touch it.

Also, thats around the km's where alot of work will need to be done.
Such as:

- Timing belt as its likely original and I wouldnt trust rubber after 20 years.
- brakes, from sitting and having 60k on them
- More the likely brake and fuel lines which will be needed for safety

On the plus the interior is likely flawless, and if its a sport interior that would be quite desirable.

Personally I wouldn't pay more then 1000-1500 for a rotted body, especially if it is a base model. Enthusiast wise it's not to great of a car considering its an auto 4 door. Most people want 2 dr 5 spds.

You may find someone willing to pay more, but I don't think its worth more then that.
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