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output shaft / diff broken (pics)

so I was driving downtown to get a haircut and I hear a *bang* followed by my car refusing to engage in any gear. So I coasted/rolled to a safe spot and inspected the car.

This is what I found:
my 3.23 M3 diff (installed by me a few months back), broken mounting point

output shaft, with a few bolts backed out, others bent/stretched.

I think what happened was that a couple bolts on the output shaft backed out and then the rest get over stressed and forced their way out. Once the output shaft was disconnected, the diff tried to pull towards the other side and snapped the mounting point.

I did torque the bolts connecting the output shaft when I installed the diff a few months back, but I didn't locktite them.

the questions:

is my analyst reasonable / correct?

can I swap the guts of this diff into my factory non-LSD diff (or do I need a whole new LSD?)

what other damage might have been caused (drive shaft?)

if I remove the messed up bolts from the output shaft, it is safe to use again with new bolts?
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