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Originally Posted by Ant118 View Post
^^ Oh that was you in the 750. I was in the blue shirt, running the skid pad. Very well done with a big car
It was great to have you observe and point out how the car behaved and what to do to correct it for smoother runs. I found the length and weight of the car actually made the slalom and 180 a lot of fun. It was definitely a lot of fun to have be able to consistently have it slide, almost drift around the cones. After getting a hang of how the car reacts and slides, I really appreciate how well balanced and controllable these big BMWs are.

Originally Posted by kruler View Post
I was behind you on the track several times. I was really impressed with how well that huge car handled the track. Seeing it from behind was awesome, the body roll was hilarious. I almost didn't want to pass you so I could keep watching. Good work!
I had wanted ot push it to its limit (or my limit of being able to handle it) around turns with a lot of turn in and/or exit speed just to see how much trouble I can get into. I finally got into a rhythm and got to know the capabilities and handling of my daily driver.
What a blast.
Next time, I'll be there with an E34 to see what it can do.

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