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FS: E36 front & rear black leather sport seats

Hey guys,

I need to get rid of some of the E36 stuff I have left over so I'll post things as I find them. I have for sale a full set of FRONT AND REAR E36 black leather, non-heated, sport seats. I do not have the door panels for these as I just swapped the seats out of my old car for a set of cloth sports. The seats are in decent shape. There are a couple burn holes in them from the previous owner which I've shown in the pics. Other than that, the front seats are just really dirty as they've been in my shed since the winter. The rear seats (which I don't have pics of) have been in my storage locker, and are much cleaner. These make an awesome upgrade over factory seats, and anyone thats sat in the sport seats knows how nice they feel over stock!

Also, I removed the factory seat belts from my seats since the seats I bought never had any. Your factory seat belt buckles bolt right up to this assuming its an E36 they're going in.


The white on the seats is either bird poo, or man juice. Nothing that can't be cleaned off.

This is some wear on the drivers bolster

Burn hole one on driver side shoulder portion.

Pen pencture hole, and lets hope its bird poo.
Keven Soldo

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