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Originally Posted by R1C3RCKT View Post
soarer is the japanese domestic market version of the lexus sc. in canada, as far as i know we only got the sc400, in the states there was a sc300 available that had the non-turbo mkIV supra 2jz. the soarer is branded as a toyota vehicle instead of lexus and thus clot interior was standard with leather as an option. the soarers also had the option of factory nav as early as 94 i believe as well as dvd and tv tuner. engine wise the soarer was equipped with a 2.5L turbo 1jz motor from the mkIII supra making 280hp, model designation was 2.5GT. this motor originally came with twin same-sized turbos and was later replaced by a single turbo with vvt-i. also available is the 3.0L inline 6 that was in the US sc300.the other engine option was the 4.0L v8 that we get here.

btw, i've seen this car in person a couple times when it was at our shop just down the road. its pretty damn clean!

Ha small world ey, thanks for the history lession tho
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