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Ok, so I got the car running again...for reference I thought I'd go through the steps I took in case anyone else has trouble cold starting their car or it runs, then shuts off:

1). checked to see if there was enough gas (I know, very basic, but I'm sure we've all missed an obvious step when fixing something).
2). pulled off the fuel lines by the regulator, and tried to start the car. If gas shoots out of the lines, the fuel pump is working. In my case, no gas was coming out.
3). took the fuse for the fuel pump out, and tried to start the car a couple off times. My friend gave me this advice to clear the lines or take pressure off them. Also I opened the gas tank cap.
4). the fuel pump is under the backseat on the passenger side of the car on my car. I accessed it, unbolted one section and removed it, then turned it counter clockwise slightly and removed it.
5). I then took the fuel pump and connected it with some spare wires to the battery. It came to life, so I knew the pump was working. I had to guess the positive and negative. So now I knew it was not the pump but the wiring (thanks, Ceeker).
6). put it all back together, really paying close attention to the wires and connections. At this point I had re connected the fuel lines, and put the fuse back in. The car started right up fortunately. My best guess is that it was a connection at the fuel pump.

Sorry for the long post, but this seems like a fairly common occurance so I thought I'd add my 2 cents. I hope this helps somebody!


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