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Originally Posted by mkgino View Post
This car sat in my garage for 6 years. I started it a total of maybe 1 time in that span. As of right now, it has a total of 104km, and it runs great. I took it out of storage around 1 month ago with my cousin who is a mechanic, and it started right up with no problems whatsoever.

Things to fix on it include my cracked windshield, have to refill the freon as the AC isnt blowing cold air, and my gauge cluster, the rpm and temp gauges dont work. Other than that, its running like a dream.

Kinda slow though.....Im thinking of doing various "things" to it but I havent decided on exactly which route I want to go. Not going to be doing anything anytime soon, but the mod bug is biting again.

As far as looks, next year I am probably going to lower it. Maybe black out the kidneys but Im not sold on that as of yet. Thinking of replacing the lip with another lip I have in mind, but I probably wont do that for a while either.

So you SC'd your 318? What rwhp are you putting down? How is it running? Any problems? ACS stuff looks good.
Thanks.. your car is mint, its worth to do the little fixes. Its hard to find e36's under 200k nowdays

THE SC is doing good, hp wise, maybe 160-180 depending on how hot / cold it is outside, the torque is probably at 150 if I remember correctly from my dyno. Nothing crazy..The SC system is stock so far and I want to do some tuning with it & maybe do a paint job down the road

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